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Conservatories - Ambience Conservatory Roof Glass

Choosing the right high performance roof glass for any conservatory installation is the most important element to ensuring that a conservatory can be used all year round. There are many things to consider including location, temperature control, maintenance, aesthetics and durability.



Ambi–Aqua is a superior glass roof product in the Ambience range with exceptional heat reflection capabilities. This highperformance glass reflects 78% of the sun’s heat, reducing the internal temperature of a conservatory, particularly with a south facing aspect, by up to 9°C during the hottest summer months. Ambi-Aqua also provides greater glare reduction, thanks to its visually stunning aqua tint.



As its name suggests the Ambi-Blue glass roof option comes in a delicate blue tint and offers up to 60% reflection from the sun's heat rays, reducing the internal temperature of a conservatory in summer for easy all year round living. There are many advantages to installing this beautifully coloured roof glass including a 53% reduction from the sun's glare which protects furniture and fabrics from fading.



For those who prefer more neutral tones in their conservatory, choosing Ambi–Neutral with the least amount of tint in the range, provides a natural look to the finished room. The advanced technology of this glass reflects 60% of the sun’s heat away from the conservatory. Ambi–Neutral also optimizes thermal insulation during cold winter months, offering homeowners many benefits including reducing the sun’s glare by 63%.



With so many dynamic colours in conservatory design, Ambi–Bronze has been developed to ensure that this attractive tinted roof glass will match most modern conservatory colours. As with other products in the Ambience range, Ambi–Bronze comes with high quality guarantees and provides up to 55% reflection from the sun’s heat which helps to reduce temperatures inside the conservatory making it much cooler in use.


Ambi–Satin Privacy

For homeowners, whose properties may be overlooked, or who require total privacy in their conservatory without losing any light, Ambi–Satin Privacy provides the ideal solution. This opaque option from the Ambience range provides total seclusion while still allowing 75% of natural light to penetrate the glass, providing high light transmission while still affording maximum privacy.



With demand increasing for ever larger conservatories so the size of the roof naturally increases accordingly. One of the key elements in roof size is the limitation of glass unit size. Simply put, the size of a glass roof unit is limited by current technology requiring an extra frame, or muntin bar, to be inserted horizontally as a greater area needs to be glazed. Unfortunately muntin bars themselves introduce potential problems, including the increased likelihood of leaks and are also considered by some consumers to be unsightly.

With the introduction of the Ambience range we are now able to supply glass units to a maximum projection of 4000mm. This increase in roof unit size allows for much larger high performance roofs to be built without the inherent problems associated with traditional muntin bars.


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